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Download book Applying Innovation

  • Book: Applying Innovation
  • Author: David O’Sullivan, Lawrence Dooley
  • Number of pages: 424
  • Text-book file-size: 12.72 Mb
  • Audio-book file-size: 254.4 Mb

A step-by-step approach to applying high-impact innovation principles in any organizationInnovation is an important force in creating and sustaining organizational growth. Effective innovation can mean the difference between leading with a particular product, process, or service—and simply following the pack. Innovation transforms mediocre companies into world leaders and ordinary organizations into stimulating environments for employees.Applying Innovation combines the key ingredients from areas including innovation management, strategic planning, performance measurement, creativity, project portfolio management, performance appraisal, knowledge management, and teams to offer an easily applied recipe for enterprise growth. Authors David O’Sullivan and Lawrence Dooley map out the main concepts of the innovation process into a clear, understandable framework—the innovation funnel. Unlike other texts for this course, Applying Innovation goes beyond methodologies and checklists to offer an invaluable step-by-step approach to actually applying high-impact innovation in any organization using a knowledge management systems, whether for a boutique firm or one comprised of thousands of individuals. Key Features:Adopts a practical approach to overseeing innovation that focuses on useful tools and techniques rather than on theory and methodologiesOffers student activities within the text for immediate application of key concepts, reinforcing retention and comprehensionTeaches students to build and apply effective innovation management systems for any organization successfully, regardless of the firm’s size or structure Intended Audience:Applying Innovation is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses such as Innovation Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Performance Management in fields of business, science, and engineering. This book appeals to instructors who want to reduce the “chalk and talk” and increase the hands-on practicality of their courses in innovation management.

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